COMBAT 18 Purpose

We are a terrorist organization. We are the only section which puts the action for the race in front of all its priorities. We heard much sarcasm about our organization. We are thus going to clear things up good one for all.

The terrorism what is it?

The terrorism does not restrict to put bombs in places public as always showed it to us the media.
Certainly it is one of actions possible but there are many of the others. For us the terrorist actions are actions which sow terror in a given population. Its actions have to put them in the insecurity and they have to feel that they are observed. Our purpose: these populations include they are not welcome here and which have to leave our country.

To terrorize them we have to lead actions targeted with a strong message and cover the long-term ground. An isolated action has any impacts while an action repeated over several months establishes the fear. The action can be made with simple display or tag but can go to much more radical actions.
These actions are the preliminary in our final fight: the war against the invaders.



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